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046b Abondoned Bike 2

The connection is bicycle parking.  The above image also contrasts with the previous one on the basis that the cycle parking facility is at full capacity, rather than being used for something else because current cycle parking demand is less than capacity.  You might be able to guess that the scene above is from Amsterdam, where cycling is very popular not because it is flat, which is a common misconception, but because there was heavy investment in cycling infrastructure from the 1970s onwards. (I could wax-lyrical about this!)

The image also shows an abandoned bike nearby, which may have been removed from the at-capacity cycle parking facility because someone noticed that it hadn’t moved for a long time and was in a constant state of disrepair.  I’m assuming that this is what happens in Amsterdam because there are so many bikes and yet a lack of cycle parking facilities in some locations.  I also wondered if the bike’s the state of disrepair had resulted from the fact that the owner had passed-on and therefore was unable to remove the bike.  After all, unlike cars the bikes aren’t registered so they can effectively be dumped even when locked to something! The owner may well of course have simply bought a new bike and left the old one to be, er, recycled.

An example of simply dumping a bike because it was probably broken beyond repair, or maybe stolen and then damaged and then dumped, was found in this public area near the centre of Rotterdam.  There’s no nearby cycle parking and yet this bike was just simply left to, again, presumably be recycled.  In the UK it would’ve found it’s way onto a metal-collectors lorry pretty quickly…

046a Abondoned Bike 1

…unless of course the bike has been dumped on the Great Orme near Llandudno!

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My collection of “abandoned bikes” photos also includes bikes that have either fallen because of inadequately designed cycle parking facilities or due to poor positioning by the owner, like this one from Toronto (probably a bit of both).  I just wanted to pick it up and place it next to the stand, probably to help the unknown owner or because I like bikes and don’t enjoy the idea of them being maltreated!

046 Abondoned Bike

This one in Amsterdam must’ve been pushed over the railing maliciously!  Perhaps it had been parked inconsiderately.  If only inconsiderately parked cars could be dealt with so easily!

046c Abondoned Bike 3

Some bikes are of course abandoned in a hurry to run in to a shop, like this example from Harlech.  I hope it was still there when the owner returned, having been a victim of a cycle thief myself. (I was 9 years old, I lost my cherished Raleigh Chopper and I was not at all happy.)

046d Abondoned Bike 4

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