How do they sleep?

Posted on May 18, 2017 by Andy Thorpe under Things

This very inspiring photo of a mattress containing few visual clues about context, apart from the fact that it’s leaning against a wall, is from the back of my latest photo book “How do they sleep? A spectrum of mattress disposal options”.  The book is available on Blurb either as hard copy or pdf and the individual images are available in the “Projects” section of my website.

The “mattress” projects has been threatening to see the light of day for a while but, just when I thought I could draw a line under it in order to avoid repetition, a different approach to the disposal of these unwieldy items was witnessed.  The biggest problem relating to dumped mattresses is that they can cause an obstruction for days/weeks at a time, but the approach below seems to result in almost instant collection by scrap metal collectors who prowl the streets.

This image might also be useful for my ongoing “Car Trouble” project!

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