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Posted on January 5, 2016 by Andy Thorpe under People, Places, Things
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050 Red Head on Bus

The connection is bus travel, this time the interior of a bus rather than a bus stop.  I liked the way the lady’s red hair matched the various safety poles inside the bus so it was recorded for posterity.  It’s interesting that her red hair would normally be very distinctive in a crowd of people, but she sort of blends in chameleon-like with the bus interior.

Using the above image for the connection made me wonder if I tend to be attracted to scenes with an abundance of red in them.  I don’t really have a favourite colour, but I guess the boldness of red is attractive and can emphasise the graphic nature of an image.  So, to explore this idea further I’ve raided my back catalogue and pulled out some of the ones that have red subject matter…or are simply red throughout!  They’re sort of grouped in order.

050n Proud Grandparents050b Bandsmen in Red

050k Three Generations050j Bobsleigh Fans

050a Beetle Engine050l Car Rear

050i Fremont Casino050q Indian Sweet Shop

050g Masked Jimi

050m Fire Buckets

050d E Type Bonnet050c Phonetele Box050p Postman

050e Red Arrow050h Fremont StreetFile name :DSCN4402.JPG File size :983.0KB(1006591Bytes) Shoot date :2004/03/20 08:23:32 Picture size :2048 x 1536 Resolution :72 x 72 dpi Number of bits :8bit/channel Protection attribute :Off Hide Attribute :Off Camera ID :N/A Model name :E995 Quality mode :FINE Metering mode :Multi-pattern Exposure mode :Aperture priority Flash :No Focal length :9.1 mm Shutter speed :1/125.7second Aperture :F3.5 Exposure compensation:-0.3 EV Fixed white balance :Overcast Lens :Built-in Flash sync mode :N/A Exposure difference :N/A Flexible program :N/A Sensitivity :ISO100 Sharpening :None Curve mode :N/A Color mode :COLOR Tone compensation :NORMAL Latitude(GPS) :N/A Longitude(GPS) :N/A Altitude(GPS) :N/A

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