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Posted on January 27, 2015 by Andy Thorpe under People
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Paul & Tom & Guitars - Processed Stage 2 LR

Well, it’s only taken a year or so to get around to writing a second post! So I’ve been busy…and forgetful. Also, why “blog”? Perhaps the impetus is coming from the need to get my back catalogue of photos seen rather than stored. I’m going to start by digging out some older photos and asking blog readers to comment with their thoughts and recollections from the time when they were taken.

So, first up is a slide of Paul and Tom playing guitars in the back living room at my old place in Ethel Street. I’m struggling to decide what year it was, probably around 1995 judging by Paul’s Druidspear gear! So much for keeping my old photos in order. The arrival of a computers and digital capture has sorted that out. The photo is available for downloading or printing from the Friends and Family section of my website.

Hopefully there’ll be another photo in a week or so. Such is the time available to family guys.



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