Graffitext – Postscript

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Well, here’s a further postscript to another one of the stories from my journeys to work. Originally, the idea was to simply post the photo of the painted-out graffiti with the dumped mattress next to the wall, which suggested to me that the search for the man’s “princess” and/or the rekindling of their relationship had […]

Flat 90A – Postscript

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but lack of time etc etc…. Anyway, here’s the resolution to the graffiti style information provided on the walls of Flat 90A; it’s been painted over. Nice job. I suppose it at least matches the car that’s normally parked outside the flat. The original post with […]


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That’s right, I’ve missed out “steady” in the title of this posting.  I’m not sure how it’s possible photograph “steady” when “ready” and “steady” would seem to be visually very similar. More photos from the day, including photos of runners recovering can be viewed here.

Teacher and Pupil

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It’s always nice to see someone discovering the joy of music.  Eira and Grandma. These two photos can be viewed in the Musicians section of the website (Why not?) and a few more can be seen in the Friends and Family section.

Full Circle?

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Actually the arches in the photo above are closer to being half circles, but that’s not the point of this post’s title.  If you look at the first posting in this photo connection series there is a connection with the scene above, hence “full circle”. (By the way, you may need to be a Rush […]

Christmas – Restricted Access

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The connection is trees; and once again in this photo-connection series the trees shown are conifers. ‘Tis the season to erect conifers and other Christmas decorations in shopping areas. (I was going to connect with “locks“ but a seasonal subject won the day.) The intention is to create a warm festive feeling at a dark […]

Babel Fish Required?

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The connection is “steps”, still in a brutalist place although here there is marble instead of concrete.  This scene is from the European Parliament building in Brussels and was captured (on slide film) in June 2007, so there may well now be more languages represented on the plaques on the left of the picture. I […]

Watching and Waiting?

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The connection is “signalised junctions”. Although the one above from the quayside in Toronto (Queens Quay East/Lower Jarvis Street in October 2002) is a three-arm junction, the ship seems poised to pass through the junction from a virtual fourth-arm. It also seems to be watching the cyclist! Although there’s an obvious difference between the size […]

Next Please!

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The connection is tower cranes, in this case a multitude of them in a photo taken in June 2001 during the construction of the new Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham. (In common with the previous two posts, this photo is also brought to you by the letter B!)  By the way, yes I was […]

Another Piece of Winged Public Art

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Yes, the connection is wings.  I was going to say “in a more normal context” but it’s not often that you come across a very publically accessible plane-crash site (thankfully). This scene was spotted in Bruges in 2012 and was part of the Kamarama art project.  It was quite late in the day when I […]