Flat 90A

Posted on March 12, 2016 by Andy Thorpe under Places

Flat 90A 3

This is one of my many photo projects that results from my journeys to work.  I use a bicycle so it’s easy to stop and take some pictures if there’s sufficient inspiration.

The information provided to ensure that Flat 90A in this part of Oldbury can easily be found is remarkable and not the type of thing I’ve come across before.  It would be good to see if other people can offer-up some similar examples of places that seem to require a high level of informal advertising to avoid any locational confusion.

It’s surprising that the local authority’s “Section 215” officers haven’t required the land owner to remove these untidy and verging on sarca(r)stic “notices” because I’m not sure the other houses on the street enjoy living near such brutalism.  (As an aside, local authorities can also create brutalist environments despite being the custodians of urban design standards.)

Interestingly, as shown in the photos (see webpage in Projects for the full set), there are usually cars parked here despite the spray painted appeals/”orders” so the cars are obviously associated with Flat 90A. There are no official car parking restrictions, which is a shame because then there might be enough space for passers-by to use the pavement (official term: footway).  What wonderful neighbours the people at Flat 90A are!  Their contribution to the locality can only improve.

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