Lily Pad Leaves

Posted on November 4, 2015 by Andy Thorpe under Things
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041 Lily Pads 1

The connection is “leaves”, this time waterborne ones rather than leaves from trees…although of course many of these end up in water.  Anyway, you know what I mean!

This is a collection I’ve had hanging around for a few years but haven’t done much with, mostly because the fast black and white film (Ilford 3200) I’d used (in daylight because I thought the results might be interesting) hadn’t been particularly well developed and the images had a lot of strange spots over them.  Using Photoshop to sort this out would’ve driven me up the wall but thankfully I now have Lightroom, which is much easier use for “cloning” and “healing”.  It’s also easier for the purposes of adjusting contrast, exposure settings and adding even more grain…or removing it.  Anyway, here are some more.  By the way, they’re from Thimblemill Pool near Bearwood in the West Midlands.

041a Lily Pads 2

041b Lily Pads 3

041c Lily Pads 4

041d Lily Pads 5

Next time there’ll be more monochrome.  It’s the only connection I can think of at the moment…apart from the obvious “water” option.  More “leaves” would go against my constantly evolving self-imposed rules for this photo-connection series.

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